Monday, March 21, 2011

Arkantos hack.

don't you guys hate it when your dad yells at you for watching a movie like Saw?

I don't get it. My brother Mike and i went to our buddy Elliot's place to watch V for Vendetta, but no one brought it. Xavier had Saw XII in his apple, so we watched it instead. I mean, there was nothing in that one anyway. a bit of blood and a death mask. so what?

And then, Elliot invites us again on our birthday for a party. We didn't know about it being a party, hence the surprise theme. Well, Xavier, as nerdy as he is, hooked up Left 4 Dead 2 to a projector.
Well, we ate cake, played the best game in history, and had fun.

When dad found out, he forbade us to to Elliot's house unless he or mom came with us, and him being the leader of Star Zed, they had to listen to him.
Which brings us to the Arena. Dad and Miles invented it when Mike and I were three. We're almost ten, and he will only let us in the Sandbox. Who wants to

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