Saturday, July 16, 2011

the so-called end of harry potter

they say harry potter is coming to a close.
that the deathly hallows part 2 is the end of the boy who lived
that harry's adventures with the wizarding world is finished.
but, i want to say different.

starting when the final movie comes out on dvd, i will be posting a chapter in a forum every thursday or friday, detailing the adventures harry, hermoine, and ron have had with star zed.

harry potter will not end. many of us refuse it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

spartan wars...

sorry for the lack of posting. kursed and i were fighting.
not like that
kursed and i are spartans.
we were stationed on reach, omega team.
i won't tell you where we were, but i can tell you this;

Monday, March 21, 2011


aaaaand he jumps into the blog.
i'm fine with him and his brother playing left 4 dead 2, but only if the zombies ragdoll and not blow up into millions of pieces.
it's what they were watching before they fired up the 360.
the crazies.  ''there was nothing in it'' they kept saying. i had glados look it's rating up, and one of the reasons, is a pregnant lady gets impaled by a zombie on screen. you see the thing go through her, and blood splatters the screen.  and that's just a raindrop in the ocean.
they're grounded for sneaking over there too. they told me they were going to the arena, and went to elliot's house.

Arkantos hack.

don't you guys hate it when your dad yells at you for watching a movie like Saw?

I don't get it. My brother Mike and i went to our buddy Elliot's place to watch V for Vendetta, but no one brought it. Xavier had Saw XII in his apple, so we watched it instead. I mean, there was nothing in that one anyway. a bit of blood and a death mask. so what?

And then, Elliot invites us again on our birthday for a party. We didn't know about it being a party, hence the surprise theme. Well, Xavier, as nerdy as he is, hooked up Left 4 Dead 2 to a projector.
Well, we ate cake, played the best game in history, and had fun.

When dad found out, he forbade us to to Elliot's house unless he or mom came with us, and him being the leader of Star Zed, they had to listen to him.
Which brings us to the Arena. Dad and Miles invented it when Mike and I were three. We're almost ten, and he will only let us in the Sandbox. Who wants to

sk- zombies

well, i haven't written in a while, so i guess i should update now...

this ''life or death'' game will be pretty much like what the eight of us went through.
yeah i said eight.
me, kursed, miles, shakirae, wolf, zoey, my daughter 86, and kursed's brother ris.

and yes, there in another strain; the nailer.
     quite like a charger, the nailer will rush you and pin you to a wall. how it does this, it has sharp claws, not unlike a witch. it rushes you, grabs you with its claws, and pins you to a wall. luckily, the charge does nothing, and neither do the claws unless they hit you. but they can death charge too.

but that's not why i'm here. i'm telling you guys about a group on
there you will hear about updates on lie 4 death.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lie 4 Death

Got a name, and artwork;

Lie 4 Death,

Wolf, Miles, the Hunter, Smoker, and Charger have finished pictures of concept art, I'll potse them later.

Friday, January 7, 2011

First concept art for L4D2 mod!!!

Here is Kursed, still working on it, but rate and tell me what you think I should do.

(paste this into a new tab to view)

for those who can read this, I NEED VOICE ACTORS!!!!
Respond below if you want to be a voice actor (Must have a steam account, or a account)